Imagine sitting at your desk and booting up a web-based software platform that would allow you to:

Develop an initial OOH plan (by store, zip, county, CBSA, DMA) independent of OOH vendor interaction (even run media weight theoreticals by format with planning costs).

Optimize and confirm plans with the need of only available panel numbers and a rate (provided by the OOH vendors, which they upload directly into the software).

Negotiate, optimize and contract your campaign and execute it across:

  • Print production management
  • Posting management with real-time auto-posting data integrated into the platform by the vendors (via programmatic feeds)
  • Campaign analytics, including post-buy analysis and added value reporting.

All from one system.

Today, it’s possible through GeoTrak®, a proprietary planning, negotiation, delivery and measurement system on one convenient platform. It’s at the heart of Buntin Out-of-Home’s position as the fastest-growing out-of-home media management company in the U.S., and has put Buntin at the forefront of reinventing the OOH industry.

GeoTrak World®: The Tool of Reinvention

  • Recognized as the only fully integrated out-of-home planning system in the industry.
  • Upgrades the TAB Audience Ratings into applications and language compatible with other media.
  • Allows overlay of PRIZM, custom research, MRI, Google, Nielsen, Telmar, Scarborough, customer POS and other custom data.
  • Full demo and lifestyle segmentation.
  • Provides real-time planning in units, rating points, costs per point, reach and frequency that are compatible with other media.
  • Planning nationally or by DMAs, travel arteries, interstate corridors, venues, specific retail locations, competitive, down to single streets or business locations.
  • Post buy reporting with added value.

GeoTrak®: The Tool of Total Program Management

  • Total program management for companies with major out-of-home investment.
  • Contract, renewal and upgrade management.
  • Production, printing, quality control, maintenance.
  • Online access by clients.
  • Regular reviews with client operations and management.
  • Rate and renewal monitoring against industry trends.
  • Regular client reporting, regional reviews, management seminars.
  • Franchisee relations.